Green Research & Consulting Africa offers a wide range of research products to answer questions on markets, consumers and lifestyles across the region through qualitative and quantitative studies. We specialize in Market Research and Social Research, for businesses, non-profit organizations, governments and other institutions. Bringing in years of experience in research, we have a strong commitment to obtaining the information necessary to steer sustainable and inclusive growth and development in the region.

Our scope of services in Research cut across the following areas:

  • Research Proposal Development
  • Research tools development
  • Survey Programming
  • Data processing and Analysis
  • Secondary Data Sourcing and Analysis
  • Data collection Services


Green Research & Consulting Africa provides a full range of project planning and management services from project design to monitoring and evaluation. Our expertise in project cycle management and our exposure to multiple international donors not only ensures the smooth flow of technical projects but also qualifies us to work on project design and external evaluations.

Our project management service covers all our core business areas with national and regional scope in the following areas:

  • Project Planning and Outcome Mapping
  • Project Design and Implementation
  • Project Review and Documentation
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Impact Assessments
  • Baseline or Feasibility Studies
  • Mid-term and End-line Evaluations
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Community Project Appraisals
  • Social Audits


Green Research & Consulting Africa approached Agriculture and Value Chain development both at macro and micro levels- from developing ranches to linking small holders’ farmers with capital and markets. We specialize in value chain analysis and value chain development and have completed these for a range of clients in various value chains.

Our scope of services in Agriculture & Value Chain Development cut across the following areas:

  • Market Assessments
  • Market Systems Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Value Chain Development
  • Financial and Economic Analysis
  • Business Development Services


Green Research and Consulting Africa’s services in Capacity Building are built on an in-depth foundation of experts and experience of a team with complementing expertise that translate to high quality research evidence, transformative consultancy services and positive disruption of ecosystems. Our sole aim is to deliver practical, applicable and sustainable solutions through services given. We pride ourselves in offering holistic capacity building regimes that seek to deliver research based and specific tailor-made information and knowledge in areas of focus. Our diverse team focus on review and evaluation of needs gap, current trends and strategic targets to prepare specific and targeted modules.

Our scope of services in Capacity Building cut across the following areas:

  • Community mobilization
  • Customized Training
  • Feedback/dissemination forums
  • Exchange visits
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Business Incubation


Green Research & Consulting Africa provides professional farm management and advisory services to land owners who do not personally farm or manage their firms. We do this using our personal and professional hands-on business approach that emphasises on consistent on-farm supervision, soil stewardship, production, conservation and marketing of produce that are important to meeting clients’ investment goals and objectives.

Our scope of services in Capacity Building cut across the following areas:

  • Improved farm management and advisory services
  • Improved forage seed supply, Establishment, Management and Conservation e.g. Brachiaria Grass, Boma Rhodes,
  • Dairy herd management (Breeding, Feeding, Animal Health and Recordkeeping)
  • Climate-smart agriculture (CSA)
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