Background In the smallholder mixed crop livestock system, Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.), the most widely grown fodder for the cut-and-carry production system, is threatened Napier stunt and smut diseases. Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana L.), one of the cultivated pastures has a narrow genetic base and limited ecological adaptation. Crop residues principally maize stovers which
Green Research & Consulting Africa provides professional farm management and advisory services to land owners (large scale and smallholders). We build your capacity to improve productivity through the latest innovations in agriculture, culminating in reduced costs per unit of output and increment in output per unit of input. We do this using our personal and


Green Research and Consulting Africa’s services in Capacity Building are built on an in-depth foundation of experts and experience of a team with complementing expertise that translate to high quality research evidence, transformative consultancy services and positive disruption of ecosystems. Our sole aim is to deliver practical, applicable and sustainable solutions through services given. We
AGRICULTURE & VALUE CHAIN DEVELOPMENT Green Research & Consulting Africa approaches Agriculture and Value Chain development both at macro and micro levels- from developing ranches to linking small holders’ farmers with finance and markets (input and output). We specialize in value chain analysis and value chain development and have completed these for a range of
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